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Automation and AI driven Cyber Risk Management


Security Threat & Operational Risk Management



The last financial crisis in the world forcefully demonstrated that large corporates and financial institutions had inadequate systems for Operational Risk Management. This led to the rise of the Chief Risk Officers, with the responsibility to report and manage risk across all aspects of the enterprise, internal and external.

ORKASH_STORM   is an integrated risk-intelligence SaaS platform for the Chief Risk Officers to manage and mitigate risks across the external footprint of an enterprise. Our focus is primarily the uncertain but high growth markets of MENA, South Asia, India and SE Asia. 


STORM   : A Risk Intelligence platform, designed for the Board Members, the Chief Risk Officers and the Chief Security Officers of global corporates and International Financial Institutions


Risk Intelligence & Analytics that continuously monitors, assesses potential impact, and custom rates the threat environment and the operational risks across the entire external footprint of  an enterprise, its business linkages & dependencies


Track & analyze every entity, every event, every issue, every location at the global and the local level in the context of the ‘foot-print’ of an enterprise for risk related developments

STORM    provides 24x7 Risk Intelligence & Analytics covering every dimension of  (external) operational risk drivers specific to a company and its operations at the Global, Regional and Local level


Risk Categories

Monitor any & all issues, new developments and events that constitute risk drivers for reputation, business ethics, brand equity, corporate leadership, human or capital assets, external stakeholders, supply chains, business continuity and physical security, amongst other factors.


Templated frameworks to asses & predict impact of the risk environment associated with geo-politics, public policy, governance & corruption, social stability, terrorism, and natural hazards.

Interpret the local socio-cultural, socio-political and demographic influences and context.



Macro & micro view of risk exposure across locations and operating entities and their dependencies

Create long-term/short-term risk models & thresholds, that incorporate local triggers & drivers of risk, with a global perspective of impact, value-at-risk, governance and compliance

Integrated Dashboards and Algorithmic Metrics for monitoring, rating, and predicting  operationalrisks and security threats 

Seamlessly fuse corporate data of operational assets, people, key clients, external stakeholders like vendor/suppliers, supply chains, etc. for risk mapping

Geospatial & Risk Events based situational awareness and trends analysis. ‘Slice & ice’ views across issues, assets and risk categories

Create a real-time Situational Awareness view of company’s operational risk environment at global as-well-as local level - operational assets, reputation, brands, supply chains, travellers,  etc

Algorithmic Metrics and Interactive Mechanisms to answer ‘what, where, when, why,who’ & how (5W 1H) for assessing cause, influence, impact and consequences


Assess and analyze ‘what happened where’ and ‘how can it impact my company and its assets’ 


CASE STUDY: A South Asian Infrastructure Fund

Intelligence  for risk assessment and mitigation for the largest South Asian Infrastructure Fund of a global investment bank for its investments into highways and power plant projects across various Indian states

STORM generated detailed intelligence on the key risk issues related to land acquisition, local community opposition, and the vested interests of political mafias in various mega infrastructure projects at the feasibility study stage.


Key risks that emerged included out-of-ordinary factors of activism and political influences  that had the opposition party influence the local community against land acquisition for these projects as a potential vote-earner.

Net Result: The client devised targeted strategies and social intervention programs to address the local issues. It engaged with the state officials on specific support needed to counter the vested interests, and monitored the impact & outcome using STORM. 

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