Cognitive Artificial Intelligence that can explain the 'why' behind its output


Redefining Business Intelligence via Constantly Evolving Knowledge Machines & Massive Scale Open Source Intelligence from the Internet

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The current generation of Computing systems do not analyze the knowledge content in Textual Information, which incidentally constitutes about 80% of the world’s total information. 

The ORKASH Cognitive AI Platform changes this status quo. It collects, mines and converts the vast volumes of textual information that is generated continuously on the internet on almost every topic and entity into computable data and Business Intelligence.

ORKASH's Cognitive AI Platform can provide deep Business Intelligence on every aspect of a company's external environment, covering its complete ecosystem of Customers, Products/Brands, Competitors, 

Opportunities &  Risks.

            ORKASH is developing a new science, a new kind of autonomous intelligent machine in this process.

Our focus is to provide Business Intelligence and Risk Intelligence for the Emerging Markets of MENA, South Asia, India and South East Asia.



Artificial Intelligence that automates the human ‘cognitive’ functions - a Machine that automatically discovers, reads, learns, understands, and infers from the knowledge and the information in textual content & unstructured data.

A platform to enable user to undertake  contextual analysis  on massive amounts of multilingual textual content, and its fusion with enterprise data for augumented analytics

The only Cognitive AI platform in the world with text mining engines for all major languages of MENA, South-asia, India and SE Asia (in addition to English), and the associated neural-knowledge-networks & ontologies

Automated Information Collection from the Internet & Mining of Textual & Unstructured Data

Create Automated
Collect OSINT Information from Disparate Data Sources:
News, Social Media, Blogs, Websites, Wikis, etc.
Mine Information at Massive-scale 

Convert Open Source Information to Intelligence: Automated Enrichment, Knowledge Extraction & Data Fusion

Multilingual NLP Engines (English + 12 Major Languages of MENA, South-asia-India & SE Asia)
Automated Analysis: Ready to use Neural Knowledge Networks as Subject Matter Expert engines for  hundreds of Domains, & Use-case specific Analysis
Data Fusion:
Fuse Public, Private, Enterprise Data for Custom Analysis & Visulaization


Target Centric 24x7 Real-Time Business Intelligence from OSINT

24x7 updated BI

24x7 Business intelligence on any ‘ecosystem’ of Customers, Stakeholders, Competitors, Opportunities &  Risks across Markets & Sectors generated from news, social media, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, etc.

Generate data that is otherwise just not available in computable form: Constantly evolving data on ‘changes’ & 'associated variables’ co-related over time in ‘event-centric’ and ‘entity-centric’ interpretations for Business Intelligence

Work across multiple languages, analyze & fuze with enterprise data for custom visualizations - 24x7 updated interactive dashboards

Identify new opportunities, track (pre & post sale) customer behavior, correlate & track risk factors, and interpret competitor activities 

Data Fusion,Custom Dashboards & API Feeds

Predict trends in market fundamentals, track changes across business sentiment, emerging opportunities, operational risks & geo-political events, and co-relate with financial market matrices

Discover, Correlate,
Enrich & Predict

‘Pay as you use’ intelligence screens and machine-to-machine API feeds + Customized plug-ins for and various trading platforms like  Bloomberg

Cloud based SaaS

Enterprise-grade Governance Controls, Security and Compliance: Audit usage, create & monitor governance controls such as compliance to copyrights & paid content, implement granular access & authorization controls for users, teams and projects. Configure project-management features and controls

Enterprise Grade Compliance Controls



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